Manila photographers dominate second week of Xposure’s global #HomeCaptured contest

Carlo Zamora bags first prize worth US$1,000, Klienne Eco receives US$ 750 as runner-up contestant

05:16 PM | 29 Apr, 2020

SHARJAH - The second week of Xposure International Photography Festival’s #HomeCaptured contest was dominated by stunning entries from the Philippines, with Carlo Zamora winning the top prize of US$ 1,000, and Klienne Eco claiming US$ 750 as runner-up.

Both contestants are from Manila.

Zamora’s winning entry titled ‘Playing with Bubbles’ depicts a child blowing soap bubbles in quarantine at home. The jury described the image as “A thoughtful and well-executed composition”, and highlighted its technical qualities as “well-composed with good use of a light source that accentuates the straw which provides a well-balanced relief against the black background. The spectacular highlight on the bubble provides excellent separation and the shallow Rembrandt lighting of the face nicely integrates the portrait.”

Winner Photo - Playing with Bubbles’

Runner-up Eco’s photograph titled ‘Light Paint’, was inspired by a complex imaging technique in art photography. Eco’s entry was cited by the judges for its “use of the light-painting technique in this otherwise simple subject, which brings the image to life visually and provides a stunning blend of subject and colour against the dark background that is emphasised by the deliberate use of a reflective surface. The moving light sources used while taking this long exposure photograph have illuminated the subject well. Albeit areas of over-exposure are noticeable within the upper page folds, it is a commendable effort.”

Runner up photo – Light Paint

Now into its third week, #HomeCaptured is an easy-to-enter global competition that invites shutterbugs worldwide to use their artistic skills to capture the beauty of everyday moments at home or window views of the outside world.

A jury of experts will evaluate all entries on a weekly basis (Monday to Sunday) and score them independently on a five-score system on the basis of their composition, technical quality, lighting, and creativity. Weekly winners will be notified by email every Wednesday, and their images will be published on Xposure’s stay home website as well as on its social media platforms.

Entries can be uploaded at in JPG format. Contestants can submit one image in each 24-hour period over the duration of the contest.