6 ways to prevent knee damage

06:39 PM | 29 Mar, 2016
6 ways to prevent knee damage
LAHORE (Online) - Knee problems are prevalent worldwide. Knees are the poor souls that have to carry your weight around literally. Here are a few ways to prevent your knees, from damage.


Check the height of your chair


Most of us today follow a sedentary lifestyle, where a majority of our day is spent sitting on the chair. This is where the height of your chair gets all the more important. Make sure your hips are an inch or two higher than your knees. Also, avoid sitting cross-legged.


Avoid brisk walking when in pain


Some people push themselves to walk and walk more when their knees are giving trouble, believing that the more they flex their knee muscles, the better they will get. But it doesn’t really work that way. Sometimes you could be hurting your knees more with walking.


Check walking posture


When you walk, your motion should come from the pelvis. Your body should be tilted a little bit forward, where your body weight is in front. Additionally, when you walk, your knee should line up over your second toe. A lot of people walk with their toe out and it puts pressure on the knees. If the knee and foot point in different directions, you need to correct your alignment.


Avoid low seating


Nothing quite looks as classy as a low seating sofa, chairs or poofs. Wish they also came with health check. Low chairs, sofas only aggravate knee problems as they put more pressure on your knees.


Invest in good footwear


Good footwear is important to support the foot and provide good cushion. So how do we exactly define good footwear? It is something that gives proper support to your foot arch.


Diet essentials


A poor diet is also responsible for knee issues. Your diet should have calcium and essential vitamins and minerals. Lack of Vitamin D is a big reason for women suffering from bone issues.