Container xChange opens first office in Pakistan

11:20 AM | 29 Nov, 2021

KARACHI - Container xChange today announced that the company has opened its first office in Karachi, the transport hub of the country.

The new office, located at Machiyara Springfield, Clifton, will offer a global and neutral online platform for trading and leasing shipping containers.

The announcement comes on the back of the company's endeavour to revolutionise digital adoption for Pakistan’s container logistics industry so the customers can grow their business to become truly global organisations and achieve operational efficiency and transparency at every step of container operations.  

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Johannes Schlingmeier, co-founder and CEO, Container xChange said, “We are excited about our expansion in Pakistan which is a hub for NVOCCs and an important market in South Asia for Container xChange. With an excellent on-ground team here in Pakistan, we aim to support our growing customer base in their journey towards digital adoption for container operations. Therefore, it only makes business sense to develop our services further in the country.” 

Container xChange is a technology company that works towards developing a one-stop-shop for digital container operations infrastructure. The company enables container logistic players to reduce idle container times and find business partners, plan one-way moves, handle the process of container movement end-to-end, and overall, contribute to reducing the carbon emissions of the shipping industry.   

"With the opening of this new facility, our aim is to cater to the growing demand of our business amongst the container logistic players in Pakistan. The great disruptions in the supply chain have led companies to rethink their logistics strategy and Container xChange has been at the forefront of transforming the face of container logistics globally. We are confident that having a physical entity in Pakistan will greatly benefit the NVOCCs, shipping lines, and freight forwarders to build agility and resilience for their business, which is key to business sustenance especially during these times", said Christian Roeloffs, co-founder and CEO, Container xChange.  

Abdul Aziz Khan, Manager, Container Trade division, Oceanic Star Line (OSL) one of the leading shipping lines in Pakistan shared their excitement on the launch of the xChange facility, “We are pleased to see xChange’s new office opening in Karachi and I trust that it will be beneficial for the existing and the potential customers of xChange. Having a local presence will help immensely in introducing xChange to the local players and building strong partnerships thereof.”  

“Moreover, it will help the container logistics players in Karachi to open new frontiers of global business opportunities that the platform presents along with offering services like container trading and leasing, presenting actionable data for its customers, simplifying container operations, and financial services. I wish them all the best for this great progress.” Mr. Khan added. 

Ali Paracha, Director, Allied Container Line commented, “We are looking forward to working with a local team at xChange in Karachi. Adding a local presence always helps in bringing a comfort level to local players, adding more trust in the business, and will help us to get to know many more value-added services by xChange which could potentially drive more value from the platform. We wish them all the best.”  

The company has developed a global market standing over these years as a truly transparent and trustworthy neutral platform for container trading and leasing. Container xChange has grown its customer base rapidly in Pakistan, especially over the past 2 years. Many reputed shipping logistics companies like M&J SHIPPING LINE, Allied Container Lines, SuperTerra Container Lines & Shipping, Oceanic Star Line Limited, Ravian Shipping Lines, etc are benefiting from Container xChange and the company plans to rapidly grow the customer base in Pakistan within the next two years.