Tabba Heart Institute emphasizes on 'the ways to keep your Heart Healthy’

02:17 PM | 29 Sep, 2019
Tabba Heart Institute emphasizes on 'the ways to keep your Heart Healthy’

LAHORE - The leading cause of death among men and women, heart diseases claim thousands of lives every year in Pakistan. Given its never-ending workload, it is prone to diseases, and your heart health merits the utmost attention.

This year, on the occasion of World Heart Day, Tabba Heart Institute organized an event to raise awareness of the fight against the world’s number one killer, cardiovascular diseases.

At the “Dil Hai To Jaan aur Jahan Hai” event, multiple talks were held on the importance of a healthy heart lifestyle. Urging people to take great care of their hearts to avoid cardiovascular disease wasn’t the only motive, the event put great emphasis on making lifestyle changes for the prevention of heart diseases in the first place. While the statistics are terrifying, the good news is that simple lifestyle changes like avoiding smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and stress management can help you avoid, or even slow down heart-related problems.

The event inspired people to be their own heart heroes, to live a longer, better, and healthy-heart lives by making some simple changes.

Speaking at the event, Dr Sohail Abrar Khan, consultant cardiologist at Tabba Heart Institute said, “Prevention is always better than cure. The fact that people are ignorant and unaware of the importance of good heart health is worrisome. Events like these help in raising awareness and urging people to make some small but necessary changes before it is too late.”

Dr Irfan Ellahi Chandna, consultant cardiologist at Tabba Heart Institute speaking about the simple ways we can incorporate these changes in our life said, “Eating more fruits and vegetables, stopping smoking, and staying active are simple but effective ways to not only protect your heart but also to benefit your overall health.”

The event proved to be a success and provided the perfect space for people to ask questions from health care experts, physiotherapist and nutritionists to understand the ailments and risk factors associated with heart diseases. The most important lesson to take was that a healthy lifestyle and good diet can go a long way to prevent you from being a victim.