Ehsanullah Ehsan surrendered under an amnesty scheme brokered by another reformed terrorist, claims media report

01:07 PM | 30 Apr, 2017
Ehsanullah Ehsan surrendered under an amnesty scheme brokered by another reformed terrorist, claims media report
ISLAMABAD - Ehsanullah Ehsan would not face any terrorism or criminal case against him in any court of law including the military court, as he returned after getting assurances from security establishment and promise to share secrets of Taliban, according to the News.

Citing the 'highly placed sources', the report suggested that Ehsanullah Ehsan who recently surrendered to the Pakistan army did so under an amnesty scheme brokered by another reformed terrorist.

“Ehsan has been assured that no case would be initiated or pursued against him including those which are already registered against him,” the News quoted its source as saying.

"Besides the surety of not opening the cases against him he has also been assured of security, accommodation and food."

Ehsanullah Ehsan, the mouthpiece of terrorist organisation Jamaatul Ahrar, handed himself to security forces earlier this month. In his confessional video, Ehsan had made startling claims about Indian involvement in fostering terrorism in Pakistan.

Asmatullah Moavia, who was was the first top militant commander who left TTP from North Waziristan and surrendered to

Asmatullah Moavia

Pakistan in July 2014 after securing amnesty from the security and intelligence officials, played a key role in bringing backEhsanullah Ehsan, the report claimed.

“Moavia connected Ehsanullah with a security agency which resulted in the return of former TTP-JA spokesman,“ sources further revealed to the News.

The report further claims that Moavia contacted a security agency and shared that Ehsan wants to talk directly.

“The sources claim that the approval to contact Ehsan was given by the security agency chief following which certain officers were deputed to carry forward the assignment to its logical end. The sources add that Ehsan surrendered himself along his wife and a son at Pak-Afghan border near Chaman on February 6,” the report added.

“But his surrender was not announced until April 17, 2017 by the director general of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR). The delay was for the obvious reasons to get some specific intelligence from the new “asset” and carry some quick operations. It is yet a secret whether, during the period between February 7 to April 17, intelligence community could retrieve some immediate actionable intelligence or not.”

However, the report says that it is yet unascertained if the returned militant commander has been provided a stipend or not. This is also not clear that the arrangement to provide Ehsan security, accommodation and food will be for how much period.

Ehsan surrendered with his wife and son

The sources told the News that Ehsan was accompanied by his wife and son when he surrendered to the Pakistan army.

The report mentioned that after the formal announcement of Ehsan's surrender by the DG ISPR,  the TTP-JA spokesman Asad Mansor claimed that Ehsan along with two others were arrested from Paktika province of Afghanistan. However he did not share who were the other two who got arrested.

"Actually Ehsan was accompanying his wife and son when he surrendered," the report claimed.

Moavia - a reformed militant living under high security

Moavia left TTP and was later declared as an agent of another agency by a less known militant organisation Ansarul Mujahideen in September 2014. The report says that he also renounced TTP in a video message in which he said his faction of Taliban would continue its operations in Afghanistan against NATO and ISAF forces. He had also urged other Taliban groups in Pakistan to renounce violence and return to the peace process with the government.

Moavia hails from Vehri district of Punjab and is now living a silent life in Peshawar with a high security. "No one knows what he is doing and how he is running his life. The fate of Ehsan seems similar to that of Moavia."

Ehsan was a poet and translated Ahmad Faraz in Pashtu

Ehsan belongs to Mohmand Agency and is also a Pashtu language poet. He once had shared with this correspondent that he translated poetry of famous romantic Urdu poet, late Ahmad Faraz in Pashtu, according to the report.

Ehsan’s surrender a good catch

Talking to the News' correspondent, former Inspector General of Punjab Police Shaukat Javed said that Ehsanullah Ehsan was pulled out of mainstream by Taliban so there was no option left with him but to surrender. Former IGP termed Ehsan’s surrender a good catch which would ultimately help security forces to know modus operandi and other details about Taliban.