Emirates Airline passengers can now get UAE visa using app

03:02 PM | 30 Nov, 2016
Emirates Airline passengers can now get UAE visa using app
DUBAI - Passengers who fly to the UAE via Emirates Airline may now apply for a visa using their mobile devices.

The Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) mobile app was launched last week during the third edition of VFS Global’s annual innovation workshop ‘iConnect’ for the outsourced government services industry in Dubai.

More than 90 government representatives from 42 countries attended the event to discuss and present new-age solutions for visa services and identity and citizen services as part of the outsourced government services industry.

“The workshop was more focused on convenience and ease to the traveller keeping in mind that we also need to do this in a controlled environment. This has more to do with digitisation — focus on digitisation, mobile biometrics, focus in areas on what governments can do to add value in terms of the applicants to ensure that the system and process is efficient,” Zubin Karkaria, CEO of VFS Global, told Gulf News.


Demand for more convenient services for visa and identity and citizen services is increasing with personalised mobile and online solutions becoming the preferred solution.

This is the reason why the DVPC mobile app was launched to enable applicants to complete the entire visa application process for a UAE visa using their smartphones or tablets.

To use the service, passengers need to download the app, register and create a profile. Once logged in, the passenger needs to key in his or her last name and booking reference. The third step is to complete the required details and make the payment. The passenger will then receive the e-visa via his or her email once issued.


“The launch of the [DVPC] Mobile App will allow our customers in India an even more convenient way to apply and complete their entire visa process through their phones. At Emirates, we are always looking for initiatives to enhance our customers’ experience online,” an Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News in a statement, clarifying that the app can be used outside India, too.

Through the app, passengers can apply for the 96-hour, 30-day or 90-day single entry visas, based on their Emirates itinerary. Application may be done 58 days or even up to four international working days prior to their Emirates flight.


During the conference, VFS Global also presented other technology-driven solutions such as the ‘Self-operated Visa Kiosk’ and ‘video interviewing’.

Source: Gulf News