Spanish family's combined age breaks Guinness World Record

09:16 PM | 30 Sep, 2022
Spanish family's combined age breaks Guinness World Record
Source: Guiness World Record (Website)

Another mind-boggling Guinness World Record has been made by a dozen siblings in Spain for the highest combined age for living siblings anywhere in the entire world.

The sibling – seven brothers and five sisters – are all aged between 76 and 98 years old, and were born to Modesto Hernández and Martina Pérez and have a combined age of 1,058 years 249 days. The Hernández-Pérez household who lives in the town of Moya, on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain surpassed the previous record by 16 years.

The twelve siblings reunited in the city where they grew up to register their record-worthy birth certificates, which were later recognized and approved by Guinness World Records in September 2022. During the event, the Hernández- Pérez family was accompanied by the mayor of Moya, Raúl Afonso, the local priest, Roberto Rivero, and historian María del Pino Ojeda witnessing the ratification, reported by Canarian Weekly.

When it was determined that a family of 12 Spanish siblings from Spain had a cumulative age of 1,058 years and 249 days, the family was presented with a Guinness World Record certificate. The Hernandez-Perez siblings range in age from 76 to 97 and were raised and still reside in the same village of Moya on the island of Gran Canaria where they currently reside.

The record-breaking lineage starts with Jose Hernández- Pérez (born on 30 December 1924) by his brother Alejandro (born on 11 January 1926), their first sister Carmen (born in 1928), Juan (born in June 1929), and then Rosario Ofelia (born on 15 June 1930). Between 1932 and 1946, the Hernández-Pérez clan had more children; Amanda (b. 10 September 1932), Modesto (b. 22 February 1934), Angela (b. 14 July 1936), Francisco (b. 21 August 1938), Gloria Hortensia (b. 13 May 1941), Miguel (b. 3 June 1943) and the youngest brother, Luis, who was born on 4 April 1946 and is 76 years old at the time.

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