TikToker bags Guinness World Record for largest mouth gape

03:39 PM | 31 Jul, 2021
TikToker bags Guinness World Record for largest mouth gape

TikToker Samantha Ramsdell has won the Guinness World Record in the female category for largest mouth gape.

With a larger-than-life mouth, the 31-year-old from Connecticut US has a spacious mouth gape of 6.52 cm i.e. 2.56 inches.

Ramsdell's sizable jaw is the reason why she was propelled to fame and has amassed more than 1 million followers on social media platform, TikTok.

Claiming to fit the whole apple in her mouth,  she showed off the unusually giant size of her mouth in several videos she posted online. 

Later, she visited her local dentist in South Norwalk, where her gape was measured. A Guinness adjudicator accompanied her, where Dr. Elke Cheung used digital callipers to determine her mammoth maw’s size at a mind-boggling 2.56 inches from top to bottom lip.

Moreover, she encouraged that people with a large body part or something unique should pursue their dreams.

" Do it proud and make it your biggest asset. It’s your superpower, it is the thing that makes you special and different from everyone else walking around.", she added.

Furthermore, the TikToker has done duet videos with her record’s male equivalent Isaac Johnson who earned the record for his 4-inch gape. 

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