Here's why Waqar Zaka rejected PISA 2020 Award

He was nominated for the ‘Pakistan social media icon’ award, which he refused to accept.

12:11 PM | 12 Feb, 2020
Here's why Waqar Zaka rejected PISA 2020 Award

KARACHI - The famous reality show host, Waqar Zaka has opened up about why he refused to accept the PISA 2020 award even after being nominated. The social media sensation takes the credit for bringing the social media influencer and bloggers category to any Pakistani award event for the first time, as PISA this year awarded honours to the social media influencers as well.

However, Waqar Zaka who happens to be one of the jury members of Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA 2020), held in Dubai and was nominated for the ‘Pakistan social media icon’ award, which he refused to accept.

As this year’s event was marred with a few controversies and mismanagement, as a few celebrities came forward showing their dismay over the event’s management. After coming to know that Waqar Zaka refused to accept his award we thought he might be supporting those neglected celebrities, however, that’s not the case.

Waqar Zaka shared the reason in a social media post saying, “Proud to start social media Awards, despite my differences with social media artists, I made the nominations & as leading jury member, eliminated myself from nominations, otherwise, it was very easy for me to nominate myself or create a special award for Waqar Zaka – remember Jury member should not be nominated."

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