Top 6 amazing health benefits of yogurt

12:36 PM | 1 Aug, 2018
Top 6 amazing health benefits of yogurt
LAHORE-  Yogurt is considered a superfood because it is packed with calcium, protein and active, ‘good’ bacteria which helps keep the gut healthy. It also helps in promoting weight loss, boosting metabolism, increasing immunity, preventing osteoporosis, and fighting anemia and cancer.

Let's go through some of the amazing benefits of yogurt:

1# Improves Digestion: Due to the presence of active bacterial strains in yogurt, it is easily digestible. In fact, the probiotics in yogurt, produced by the lactic acid bacteria present in it, aid in alleviating constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease.

2# Prevents Cancer: Intake of yogurt may also provide relief to those suffering from colon cancer. A new study suggests that a diet rich in dairy products may slightly extend lives of people diagnosed with colon cancer.

3#Enhances Brain Function: The rich source of probiotics, yogurt, enhances mood and cognitive function. It also treats nervous disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and autism. The rich source of potassium present in cured is essential for nerve health and also maintains the fluid balance in the body.

4# Boosts Immunity: The probiotic strains of bacteria present in yogurt boost the immune system and reduce the incidence of infections, inflammatory diseases, and allergies.  Scientists say that regular consumption of yogurt activates your T cells and helps you fight illness with a stronger immune system.

5# Lowers Cholesterol Levels: Studies carried out by various institutes indicate a drop in serum LDL (bad) cholesterol levels when a person regularly consumes yogurt. Thus, the daily consumption of this dairy dessert may lead to a reduction in cardiovascular diseases.

6# Cures Bad Breath: Yogurt is a natural cure for bad breath and has reduced halitosis by up to 80% in test subjects. Levels of plaque and gingivitis were also found to be lower among daily consumers of this dairy product.