Supreme Court Bar Association laments revival of military courts

09:28 AM | 31 Mar, 2017
Supreme Court Bar Association laments revival of military courts
ISLAMABAD -  The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president opposed the government's decision to allow an extension to military courts terming them parallel judiciary.

He was addressing a full court reference held to pay homage to outgoing apex court Justice Amir Hani Muslim. SCBA President Rashid A Rizvi said that a parallel judiciary systems was not established in any civilised country.

He also cited the 1993 Azizullah Memon case in the Supreme Court, where it was decided that handing over the adjudication of rights and trial of offences to the executive actually impeded justice.

Appreciating the role of the outgoing judge, he said that Justice Hani was one of those courageous judges who had refused to take oath on Provisional Constitution Order (PCO).

Sharing stance of the bar, Rizvi said that the judicial system in Pakistan neither in the past nor presently ever failed to perform its duties in accordance with the law and constitution. He highlighted that it was the failure of civilian and military governments which always neglected the institution of judiciary.

Strengthening the judiciary and the para-legal staff, besides improving performance of intelligence agencies were the only ways to curb terrorism in the country, he added.

He stated that terrorists could be brought to book only through an effective civilian justice system, which enjoys credibility among the masses. “Military courts have never been nor will be a way to counter terrorism,” Rizvi said.