KARACHI – Some 7 billion rupees will be raised from the skins of the sacrificial animals to be slaughtered on the Eidul Azha festival this year.

According to the Central Tanners Association, last year over Rs8 billion amount was generated during the Eid days, however, the falling prices of animal hides indicate a low business this year.

Over 1 crore and 5 lakh animals are expected to be slaughter on this Eidul Azha, including 40 lakh goats, 27 lakh cows, 8 lakh sheep 30 thousand camels.

“The average price of a cow skin is Rs1,600 while a goat hide is being sold against Rs250 these days,” CTA chairman Gulzar Feroz said.

He said the hides collected by different welfare organisations are sold to tanners across the country, who then process the skins to convert them into leather. The quality of leather directly depends on the type of the animal skin and the tanning process, he added.