LAHORE – The “One Belt One Road” China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation Enterprise Matchmaking Forum organized by Jiaozhou Science and Technology Industry Information Bureau was held in the office building of the municipal government in the last week of July.

Zhang Daofeng (the General Director of Jiaozhou Science and Technology Industrialization Bureau Director), Chen Jizhu (the Deputy Director) Yin Chengkun (the Deputy Director) and Pan Boliang (Chairman of Longer Development Co., Ltd.) attended the forum.

25 companies including Huijintong Power Equipment, Wuxiao Group, Agricultural Equipment and Bailan Group were also in the moot to ponder over ways to cement the economic ties between the Asian countries.

The officer from Bureau of Commerce introduced the foreign investment filing process and the foreign investment cooperation support policy.

Longer Development Co., Ltd. interpreted Pakistan policy, shared market opportunities, and exchanged ideas with participating companies.

Earlier, in June, Chairman of China Xi Jinping had announced that the Chinese government supports to build the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Qingdao.

As the core area of the demonstration zone, Jiaozhou has ushered in a rare historical opportunity. The Science and Technology Industry Information Bureau has taken advantage of local enterprises, mobilized the enterprise to attach great importance to this chance, actively participated in the “One Belt One Road” and guided enterprises to “going out” and contribute to building the demonstration zone.

Before the “going out”, Science and Technology Industry Information Bureau first “bring in”, they build a policy and information exchange platform, organize the China-Pakistan economic cooperation enterprise matchmaking forum, and invited the leaders of the Bureau of Commerce to introduce aboard investment cooperation support policies.

They also invited Pakistan Longer Development Co., Ltd. to interpret the key industry policies of Pakistan’s pepper industry and power industry; it provides guidance and reference for enterprises to investment and development aboard.

The China-Pakistan Economic Cooperation Enterprise Matchmaking Forum is only the beginning. In the future, the Science and Technology Industry Information Bureau will organize the intentional enterprises to visit Pakistan and participate in the Pakistan Trade Show, continue to provide more accurate services, and promote enterprises to participate in the “One Belt One Road”.

It will also create a new mode of economic and trade cooperation between China and Pakistan.