‘The King of Lion’ offers roaring entertainment at Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

  • All-singing, all-dancing theatre show delights the fair’s young audience

SHARJAH – Taking inspiration from the movie The Lion King, Aura Middle East put on a spectacular musical performance of The King of Lion on Tuesday, November 6, as part of the 37th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) currently underway at Sharjah Expo Centre.

Michelle the Monkey opens the show by singing a superb rendition of Circle of Life, before introducing the audience to the other animals that live with her in the jungle: Shane and Sheila the Snakes, and Leo the Leopard.

Lonely in the jungle, Michelle takes the audience with her on a journey to find some friends, calling for audience members to warn her if they see anything sneak up behind her, especially the “slippery and slimy” Snakes.

In full panto mode, the audience delight in shouting “it’s behind you!” when they see Leo prowling around the stage and Shane and Sheila slithering through the bushes.

Showcasing impressive gymnastic skills, ribbon dancing and juggling throughout, The King of Lion is a lively, entertaining show that delights with its all-singing, all-dancing, acrobatic displays.

Still sad at being alone, the performance ends with Michelle deciding to make friends with Leo, Shane and Sheila, with the newly formed friendship group dancing off into the jungle to enjoy a new life together.