LAHORE (Web Desk) – Petrol shortage entered its seventh day on Monday in Punjab as people are seen travelling from pumps to pumps looking for petrol, local media reported.
Despite assuring the public to resolve the issue in a few days, the government has not yet been able to purge off the petrol crisis in the province.
Persistent shortage of fuel has thwarted the life routine of the people causing serious trouble to office going and students whereas patients have also faced difficulties in reaching the hospital on time.
Women along with men queued up for long hours to buy petrol whereas scenes of clashes with the petrol staff were also witnessed. However mostly petrol pumps are either closed or display ‘no sale ‘board. Deficit of petrol from the last six days has led the public to rage over government’s inefficiency to culminate petrol crisis in the province.
According to the sources, a ship carrying 50,000 ton fuel has started supplying fuel to Northern Punjab through tankers whereas two ships carrying 50,000 tons fuel each will reach the Karachi port on January 25 and 27.