IHC orders capital administration to clear Faizabad Interchange of sit-in by tomorrow

  • Rangers or Frontier Constabulary can also be convened by the administration: IHC

ISLAMABAD – The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday ordered the capital administration to take action against the religious groups and clear the Faizabad Interchange at which a sit-in has been ongoing for over a week.

Citing the difficulties faced by citizens due to blockage of the major artery, the court not only permitted the capital administration to enlist the support of Rangers or Frontier Constabulary but also directed to clear the thoroughfare by tomorrow (Saturday).

The decision came a day after the same court directly ordered the religious groups with a major chunk of Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan members to call off the sit-in, however, the groups refused to budge.

IHC Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui on Thursday heard a petition submitted by the TLY asking for a report compiled by a PML-N committee probing the controversial amendment to Election Bill 2017.

NA passes Elections (Amendment) Bill 2017 reviving clauses pertaining to Khatm-i-Nabuwwat

The court, however, said a similar petition had already been filed in the IHC and advised the TLY to end its protest as the public was being inconvenienced by the sit-in.

The TLY had occupied the Faizabad Bridge which connects Rawalpindi and Islamabad through the Islamabad Expressway and Murree Road, both of which are the busiest roads in the twin cities.

Moreover, the amended clause pertaining to khatam e Nabuuwat was restored in its original form by the National Assembly on Thursday.