ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday telephoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and discussed the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in the region.

The two sides also reviewed Pakistan-Afghanistan ties and matters of mutual interest, according to sources.

Ghani, in a statement, said, “Afghanistan appreciates Pakistan´s recent efforts in paving the ground for peace and reconciliation. We welcome the recent position Pakistan has taken in pronouncing Afghanistan’s enemy as Pakistan’s.”

He cited two major recent attacks as helping to bring the countries closer together – one in Yahya Khel in Afghanistan in November that left nearly 50 people dead and a Taliban massacre at a school in Pakistan’s Peshawar city in December that killed 153, mostly children.

On February 21, President Ghani saluted Pakistan’s cooperation as Kabul seeks to lay the spadework for peace with the Taliban, the latest sign of improving ties between the two nations.