ISLAMABAD -Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Foreign Affairs, Tariq Fatemi, said that the details of the conversation between the Pakistani premier and the US President-elect were shared after a formal permission from the Trump team.

Tariq Fatemi met United States Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Wednesday and conveyed warm wishes of the Prime Minister with regard to the recent US Presidential elections that were held. Fatemi expressed the hope that relations between both USA and Pakistan would strengthen further after Trump’s take over.

After the meeting, Tariq Fatemi said that details of the conversation between PM Nawaz and Donald Trump, in which the latter had referred to the former as a ‘terrific guy’ and had termed Pakistanis as the most ‘intelligent people’,were shared after obtaining permission from the Trump team.

The release of the readout of the whole conversation between PM Nawaz and Donald Trump baffled the foreign media as it expressed shock at Trump’s admiration for Pakistan,in the purview of his intentions to ban Muslims from entering US.

Former diplomats and political commentators, both in Pakistan and abroad, took aim at the government after the PM’s office had shared the details of the chat that had taken place between two leaders claiming that it was a violation of diplomacy.