Nomination papers of top PML-N brass accepted by ROs

  • Hamza is contesting for NA-124, Shehbaz going for NA-132 seat

LAHORE – The nomination papers filed by senior leaders of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz including the president Shehbaz Sharif were accepted and cleared by the Returning Officer on Tuesday.

According to the details, the nomination papers submitted by Maryam Nawaz, Hamza Shehbaz and former speaker Ayaz Sadiq were also accepted by the concerned RO, paving way for the politicians to contest the July 25 polls.

Hamza had filed the papers for NA-124 seat of the National Assembly falling in Lahore while Shehbaz Sharif had presented the papers for NA-132. Ayaz Sadiq would be challenging his rivals for NA-133.

The verdict on Shehbaz’s nomination was earlier reserved by an RO on June 14.

Moreover, the nomination papers of 14 candidates including PML-N’s Haji Malik and PTI’s Mehar Wajid Azeem have been accepted from NA-123.

Farooq Sattar’s nomination papers rejected for NA-245

Earlier, the returning officer had also cleared the papers filed by Maryam Nawaz for NA-125; she is also running for NA-125 constituency.

The NA-125 constituency, situated in the heart of Lahore, was the NA-120 constituency prior to the new delimitation of constituencies.

NA-120 was earlier won by Nawaz Sharif and later by his wife Kulsoom Nawaz after he was ousted following the Panama papers case.

Maryam spearheaded the NA-120 by-election campaign for her mother in 2017 following Nawaz’s disqualification. At the time, Kulsoom defeated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf candidate Dr Yasmin Rashid by over 14,000 votes even though she was not present in the country.

Dr Rashid’s nomination papers for the constituency have also been approved.

Maryam is presently in London along with her father tending to Kulsoom who has been in the UK since August last year after being diagnosed with throat cancer.