ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Pakistan has taken concrete measures to counter terrorism in a phase-wise manner keeping in view its own national security concerns.

This was stated by Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria while responding to US allegation that Pakistan is selective in targeting terrorists and does not go after those threatening its neighbours.

He termed the American stance on Pakistan’s anti-terrorism efforts as completely false and contrary to the facts.

He said terrorism is more of a concern to Pakistan than its ‘neighbours,’ further adding that Islamabad treats all terrorists alike.

The spokesperson said that the arrest of the neighbour’s active service officer, who publicly confessed his state’s involvement in perpetrating and financing terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan, surprisingly did not prompt any statement by the United States.

He said recently Senator John McCain visited Pakistan along with some other Senators and Congressmen, who were unanimous in acknowledging the remarkable achievements made by Islamabad in its counter-terrorism drive.