PM Abbasi wants ‘truth commission’ to disclose all past secrets

  • He says all the major incidents and their hidden facts should be documented to make people aware.

ISLAMABAD – As Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s supreme leader Nawaz Sharif is spilling the beans about establishment’s alleged role behind his ouster, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed a wish to establish a truth commission to expose hidden facts in all major incidents happened in the country since its birth.

Talking to media during a press conference on Thursday at PM House, he called for forming the commission in consensus with all mainstream political parties to get the general public aware of the facts.

He was responding to a question whether the government would order a probe into startling revelations made by Nawaz Sharif regarding a message from an intelligence chief asking him to tender resign as PM or go on to extended leave.

The commission will help avoid mistakes happened in the past, the prime minister said, adding that he was in favour of the commission.

Abbasi said bringing facts before the nation would not take days but a long time for which the process of dialogue should be started as soon as possible. “The dialogue process on important issues should be a part of election campaigns of all political parties,” Dawn News reported.

In order to make the people aware of the facts, all the major incidents and their hidden facts should be documented, he added.

Talking about upcoming elections, he said that the PML-N would not boycott the polls. He further said that he will meet Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah on Monday to decide the name of the caretaker prime minister.

He said the matter would be sent to a parliamentary committee to select the name if the government and opposition failed to reach an agreement.