ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will leave for Karachi today to attend Holi celebrations with the Hindu community.

According to reports, the PM will chair a meeting to calm down annoyed Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)’s workers municipal representatives at Governor House Karachi.

The prime minister will preside over the meeting of the mega development projects, while he will be briefed on the law and order situation in the city.

He is expected to meet business tycoons as well. The premier would head back to Islamabad in the evening.

The celebration of Holi is very ancient in its origin. By its very origin, Holi is celebrated as the ultimate triumph of the “good” over the “evil.” The many colours associated with Holi are said to be the face of celebrations.

On the occasion of Holi Hindus meet with friends and plays with the colours, dance and generally have a good time. Hindus usually gather in temples and celebrate the Holi there.