ISLAMABAD – The local administration of Islamabad has once again warned the religious groups staging a sit-in at the Faizabad interchange of action for not vacating the thoroughfare.

According to a letter addressed to the leaders of religious groups, the administration has ordered the protesters to leave the place by 12 midnight today (Friday), otherwise, the ‘leaders and the attendees would be responsible for consequences’.

It also stated that the Parade ground adjacent to Faizabad was allocated for demonstration as per the directives of judiciary and warnings were issued to the protesters twice to call off the sit-in.

‘Non-compliance will lead to contempt of court and competent authority will be compelled to initiate strict legal action against the illegal protest/sit-in in order to fulfil the requirement of law and writ of state’ stated the letter.

The protesters mostly members of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan are staging a sit-in at one of the busiest artery of the capital from last 18 days against the amendment in the Khatam e Nabuuwat clause of Election Bill 2017.