ISLAMABAD – Rain and snowfall in different parts of the country resulted in reduced temperatures but the metrological department has predicted more rainfall.

According to the met office, more rainfall is expected in the next few days acrossdifferent areas of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tribal agencies, Azad Kashmir and Balochistan is expected in next few days.

Moreover, foggy conditions would prevail in Sindh for the next 14 hours.

Meanwhile, scores of tourists flocked to Murree and Azad Kashmir to enjoy the weekend with enchanting weather and ambience.

A snow covered HiAce in Murree

On the other hand, multiple were blocked in Dir due to heavy snowfall whereas power breakdown in Kaghan from the last one week has created problems for people.

Temperature dropped below freezing point in Quetta, Ziarat and Kalat as a result of which the locals and tourist faced much difficulty.

Temperature of some major cities recorded at 1 PM is as follows:

Islamabad 13°C, Lahore 15°C, Karachi 23°C, Peshawar 14°C, Quetta 7°C, Gilgit 1°C, Murree -1°C and Muzaffarabad 11°C.