Psychologists devised the Intelligence Quotient to gauge people’s intelligence. Your score on an IQ test directly relates to your capacity to understand and act according to the conditions of different situations.

An age-old question since the test was created has been: can one improve their score on an IQ test? With dedicated mental exercise, the answer is “Yes!”

Here is a list of some things you can do to significantly enhance your IQ:

Optimize your brain with a workout

Doing physical exercise can do wonders for your brain. Exercise improves your brain’s performance, increases its problem solving ability, and even boosts long-term memory.

One can do yoga, attend a fitness boot-camp, do push-ups and go out for a quick run to outperform others on the IQ test.

Feed your brain with the right nutrients

In order to enhance IQ, one should be cautious about breakfast. Follow a balanced diet full of proteins, nutrients and healthy fats. Egg are an excellent breakfast option as they contain plenty of proteins. Beats, a kind of vegetable, also help increase blood flow to your brain. Lentils and spinach are also great brain foods.

Focus on your daily commitments

Focus your mind by starting each day with this question:

“What is the ONE THING I am committed to completing today?”

This technique will have you prioritize goals and streamline your work, thereby boosting overall mental capacity.

Avoid Distractions

Frequent interaction with your e mail account not only distracts you, according to the Harvard Business Review; it decreases your IQ by 10 points over a prolonged period of time.

Schedule your Deep Work

Deep work requires analytical thinking and tons of concentration, such as reading, writing, coding, analyzing, critical thinking, or problem solving.

In order to utilize your brain fully, schedule all your deep work early in the morning since your brain perform its best in the morning without any outward distractions.

Mood Mechanic

You are the mechanic of your own brain and should take full responsibility of it. Keep happy and maintain perspective and you will find your brain function increase.

Never Compromise on Sleep

A sleep deprived brain under-performs. Sleep loss impairs various cognitive functions and behavior, including arousal, attention, cognitive speed, memory, emotional intelligence, and decision making. These symptoms can start after 16 hours without sleep, and they get worse as time goes on.

Be observant

Being smart means being more observant of your surroundings. If you see something like a car accident or enjoy a movie, do not shun it. Instead, use these events as an opportunity to sharpen your observation skills.


Follow the proverb “If you want to lead, read”. Reading is like exercise for the brain and can sometimes be more important than physical fitness. Reading makes you open minded and allows you to empathize with others betters.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

A curious mind is a gift given to all infants. One should let it grow with age. Keep asking questions. Keep yourself aware of what’s going on around you and keep googling and asking people intelligent questions.

Enrich your language

Research indicates that having a strong understanding of language will help you with many cognitive tasks and indeed with everyday life.

Step outside your comfort zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone is a bit demanding, but, in order to excel, one must adhere to it. There are simple ways of doing this, such as taking a different route to office and studying previously unknown topics.

Getting out of your comfort zone will enhance your productivity and creativity. It will also help you brainstorm and lead to a significant spike in your IQ.