So we found these 8 songs that we can all relate to and guess who sung them? The very talented and handsome Mustafa Zahid who has not only made us proud in Pakistan but has released some soulful melodies across the border too!

Check these out – we bet you’ll be missing your non-existent ex by the time you get to number 8!

1) Bhula Dena – (Aashiqui 2)

Who has NOT heard this song on REPEAT at one point in their life or another (with a box of tissues next to you, of course)? Raise your hands!
Yeah, I thought so, none of you.
One can simply avoid any awkward phone calls, texts or confrontations by just sending this tragic melody to someone and they’ll know what you mean!

2) Anjanay Raaston

We’ve all been through that breakup in which we’re just happy it’s over but then it hits us! The sakoon is replaced with the mayoosi and we begin to realize what happened. These lyrics do so much justice to that feeling:

‘Hum do mein baat thi, rutt apnay haath thi, kuch pal thay jub hassi honton ke saath thi’

3. Yeh Junoon – (Shootout at Wadala)

We’ve all also been the shikar of that time in our lives when bhoolna mushkil hi nahi na mumkin hojata hai and then we get back together with our exes. This song is perfect for that time:

‘Ab jo milay hain tou, shiqvay gilay na hon, bus ishq ho’


4) Zaroorat – (Ek Villian)

These lyrics have been sung out loud too many times! Be it personal troubles or missing a friend, it sums up all the sunsaan galliyon per walks in the night.

‘Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai’

5) Hum Jee Lein Ge – (Murder 3)

In times of trouble, we’ve all realized this:

‘Tha pyar tera toh jhootha
Sacha magar yeh Khuda hai
Tanhaiyon me hoon roya
Tab jaake mujhko mila hai’

6) Tera Mera Rishta – (Awarapan)

Everyone’s jam in the year 2007, even if we weren’t dukhi, it was just awesome to hear Mustafa Zahid’s voice in a Hindi movie’s song! Not to mention that flute melody in the background.

Hai kya tarap
Hai yeh kesi saza
Tu kyun mujhe aaj yaad aagaya
Bechain din meray
Bechain raat hai
Kya mein kerun kuch bata

7) Teray Bina – (Heropanti)

We’ve all developed a teeny tiny crush at an unexpected time, on an unexpected person and when we parted with him/her, this song helped us cry it out that pehla pyaar:

8) Teri Yaadon Se – (Blood Money)

There comes a time in our lives when we realize we’re in utterly deep ‘ishq’ with the wrong person and this song plays in our heads: