MUMBAI – After the elder daughter of Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, Sonam tied the knot with her long-standing boyfriend Anand Ahuja, it ’s time for the younger sister Rhea to make it official with her boyfriend Karan Boolani.

Of course, like Sonam, Rhea hasn’t ever admitted to dating Karan but they have been spotted together enough number of times and there has been a strong buzz about them going steady.

A source close to the Kapoors revealed, “ Rhea seemed in no mood to solemnize her relationship. Anil is not the kind of father who pressurizes his children for anything. Since Rhea wanted to take her time, Sonam got married  first.”

But now, Rhea is agreeable to the marriage. Sources say Karan Boolani and  Rhea Kapoor will marry in the later part of 2019. “Anil has already accepted Karan as part of his family. He is as close to Karan as he is to Sonam’s husband Anand. Marriage would be just a formality but one that Anil is looking forward to,” says the family friend.

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Significantly Anil and Karan Boolani recently came together to co-produce the Netflix series Selection  Day. Unlike  Sonam’s Anand, Karan Boolani is keen on joining the Kapoors’ family business.

So will there be another big fat wedding to look forward to? Stay tuned for more updates.