Akshay Kumar is challenging the Taboos with his new movie PadMan


The topic of sanitary safety and menstruation is still a taboo in a lot of countries whereas the west has already made advancements in this certain domain by spreading awareness so women especially are free of infections and diseases. Menstruation is a topic which people avoid talking about in rural areas women have to use cloth which lead to rashes and uncomfortable feelings. There are places where still menstruation is seen as a curse on the girls and females. Women are looked down at.

This movie PadMan is not only a means to create awareness but it also explains how this issue can be resolved. The brains behind this movie was of course Mrs Funny bones (Twinkle  Khanna) and in this adorable post Akshay Kumar shared his feeling for her.

However PadMan is facing serious problems as even Pakistani Censor Board refused to release this movie in cinema’s because the topic discussed is a “taboo”. A woman’s health issues cannot be a taboo whereas men get their masculine representation on-screen that too all glorified.

“We can’t allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture,” FCB member Ishaq Ahmed said.

Why are we still making a big deal out of something which every single female around the globe has to face and live with? Rather than making it safe for women we are just shutting the topic. The reality won’t change! We need to face the reality and make things better.