Lahore (Web Desk) – Zahra Ahmed is a young entrepreneur making her name in the field of interior designing. She is currently running an interior company by the name ‘Studio Red Interiors’. Here is an exclusive interview with the interior Designer herself.


Hi Zahra! How did you get into Interior Designing?


“I started this business a year back. I am currently doing exclusive projects.I always used to wonder how amazing one would feel bringing all the imaginations to life and this was when it all began, with my thriving aesthetic sense I started to adapt to the rooms and walls around me. After a lot of brainstorming, number crunching, contemplating, pitching, refining and ultimately deciding, I settled on bringing Studio Red Interiors to what it is today.”


What is your main goal as an interior designer at Studio Red Interiors?


“My goal is to be accessible, approachable and result driven. These values are not something just tied to the business, but are the basis for how I live my life. As per our business model we only undertake very few orders. Over the past year I have taken very few projects and have paid full dedication to them. I believe it’s always the quality, which makes the client happy.”


What makes you and your design house unique?


“I am always driven by the exclusivity of the product, once we make a particular product we don’t make it again, hence every project of ours is completed with a unique sense of style.”


How would you describe your interior design firm?


“Studio Red Interiors is a new kind of interior design firm. It is a place where you can have consultancy over a hot cup of coffee, on how to unitize the space of your home. We welcome impromptu queries on our website so one can easily get in touch with us.”


What facilities are provided at your design studios? What do you offer your

clients other than just designing spaces?


“We are equipped to answering questions about paint selections, wallpaper options or countertops and tile combos, which fabrics to use and finally how to wrap it all up with accessories such as paintings, lamps, rugs and lights.”


How can one get in touch with your design firm?


“Feel free to make an appointment with one us via phone call, through out website or social media. We will present you with a 3D rendered view, proposing how your room would look like. You will find us focused on projects of any size and scope. We are fun to work with!”


Do you offer some budget friendly packages for your clients?


“Yes! We have developed comprehensive design packages that are categorized by project type and square footage. You can mix and match packages as you see fit!”


We are sharing glimpses of some of Zahra’s projects below.

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