Anoushey Ashraf a celebrity with positive perspectives; Exclusive

  • From her travel back to her life experiences, we have got it all covered!

We were lucky enough to get in conversation with the beautiful and motivational celebrity and VJ of our time, ANOUSHEY ASHRAF. She has not only impressed us with her beautiful smile but she has also given us some major travel goals and outfit goals. Her compassion for animals has left us in an awe.

Seeing her on red carpets, events and event television sure makes our day. We were tempted to know all her secrets. From being honest to the most fun she has got it all. Here is all the fun things we covered in our conversation.

1. Describe Anoushey Ashraf in three words.
A.A: I’m friendly, I’m funny and I’m giving!
2. One thing you would like to change about yourself?
A.A: I wish I was emotionally strong, and didn’t get emotional about most things in life! That is the one thing that I would like to change about myself.
3. You always wanted to be a VJ?
A.A: Nope. It happened by chance but I’m glad that it happened because it made me who I am today so yeah something’s are just meant to be.
4. Your biggest style inspo?
A.A: I’m not very big on style, but every time I see Jlo on any red carpet or any TV show I’m like wow! She’s supercool and well dressed. She possibly could be my style inspiration.

5. If you had a superpower what would it be?
A.A: If I had one super power I’d want everyone to be healthy. I’ve seen some sick people around me lately and I see the pain they go through! I wish I had healing powers so I could heal everybody around me and there would never be any kind of sickness ever left.

6. Anoushey Ashraf is scared of?
A.A: Anoushey Ashraf is scared of turbulence even though she loves flying! Unfortunately I’m actually very scared of turbulence.

7. Have you ever thought about doing a film?
A.A: Not really, I don’t consider myself a big actor really, but maybe in the future! One never really knows, let’s see!

8. How things are different now in the industry from when you started?
A.A: The industry’s changed a lot since I started. People are now travelling business class, they have stylists and makeup artists following them and surrounded by paparazzi, so yeah that really has made it pretty fancy. It wasn’t so fancy when I had initially started out, we had to do our own clothes and make up!

9. How does it feel like to be one of the leading stars of Pakistani industry?
A.A: I wouldn’t consider myself as one of the leading stars of the Pakistani industry. However it really feels good to be appreciated, looked up to and admired by so many Pakistanis! It makes me feel very happy to contribute towards having a voice that helps in making lives better and being able to communicate with the people!

10. Have you ever been treated differently because of your gender?
A.A: Yes, I have been treated differently but also in a good way. I’ve been given seats; I’ve been given places in line just because I’m a woman, ‘Kay ap agay ajaye’. But I’ve also been taken advantage of because of being a woman, so it works both ways but I have been treated differently for sure.

11. One thing which you really miss about being a normal teenager?
A.A: The fact that we would just have a lot of fun! And there were no worries of real life stresses that we have when we grow up like making money, having a house, getting married etc.

12. Tell us about your worst workplace experience as a Female in three words.
A.A: Luckily I’ve worked in really good places, so I haven’t had any bad experiences; But I did have a fan once come up to me and put his arms around me for a picture so when I told him to take his arm off he kept saying that my other friends put their arms around me so I told him that they’re my friends and they can do that but you can’t.

13. Have you ever been body shamed or cat called on a set by a co-star?
A.A: Never! Never have I been body shamed, I think whoever I’ve worked in the industry have been respectful people and I’m really thankful for them. I also do think that there are some Pakistani men who actually are shameless and there are many who have been taught manners and respect towards women.

14. Pakistani industry is dominated by men, what’s your take on this statement?
A.A: Yes, the Pakistani industry is mainly dominated by men. But my take on this statement is that its changing. Things are changing world over and because of globalization I think Pakistan is on the same track as well. So it’s definitely changing for the better.

“Things are changing world over and because of globalization I think Pakistan is on the same track as well. So it’s definitely changing for the better.”- The beautiful Anoushey Ashraf

15. When do you think celebrities and prominent female figures will come together to stand up against misogyny present in Pakistani Industry or Pakistan?
A.A: I think it’s happening already. We still come from a bit of a conservative mindset so it’s difficult for Pakistani women to stand out. But some people have taken a step in the right direction. At least even if they don’t do it in a public way I think personally on a one on one level they have been equipped with the tools to stand up for what they think is right and for their rights which is fantastic.

16. Which celebrity closet would you want to raid and why?
A.A: I’m not very big on fashion so I like to keep it very comfortable! I would like to raid my own closet cause I like my own stuff the most!

17. Share last three dialed numbers on your phone.
A.A: The last three dialed numbers on my phone are my dad, my driver and one of my best friends.

18. Who is the funniest person you know?
A.A: I think Dino’s very funny and he’s got the gift of the gab! He’s a real good RJ and
one of the funniest people I know!

19. Who has made you the most star struck?
A.A: Nobody in particular, cause I’ve been in the business since I was a kid so I know them all well. However even today I think sportsmen have a particular charm so I’m always really impressed when I see Waseem Akram or Imran Khan, I’m like wow! They’re really cool personalities at least in terms of their profession and sports!

 “When I see Waseem Akram or Imran Khan, I’m like wow! They’re really cool personalities”

Lets move on to even more fun questions; THE RAPID FIRE ROUND!

20. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
A.A: Try and meditate for a little while!

21. What are the three things you don’t leave your house without?
A.A: My shades, my phone and perhaps my handbag.

22. Who is on your guest list for your ideal dinner party?
A.A: Some of my closest friends.

23. Favorite movie and season?
A.A: I’m not big on movies but I really love all the stuff Leonardo Dicaprio and Will Smith have done in their lives. And I’ve only seen the Game of thrones and the Crown which is really good!

24. Comedy or horror?
A.A: Horror! Hands down horror, you can make me see it over and over again!

25. Your next travel destination will be?
A.A: My next travel destination would be somewhere in Europe I hope!

26. Best food you have had while traveling.
A.A: Unfortunately I’m not very big on food but I’ve had some of the best food in Honk Kong. Another very good place was Azerbaijan; they did their meat really well. Even in Kabul I had some really good Kabuli Pulao, meat and lamb; they cooked it to perfection.

27. Three things we should keep in mind while traveling.
A.A: Travel light so you don’t have to carry around heavy stuff. Meet a local if you can so that makes traveling even more fun. Spend money on experiences not things.

28. Your thoughts on dog meat festival which takes place in China every year?
A.A: I’m a big animal lover. Even though I eat meat myself I think dog meat fest is too cruel. I’ve had dogs as pets my entire life and I find it very offensive especially from the way it’s done, it’s a very harsh practice from the videos that I’ve seen, pretty violent which is not cool!

29. If you are rushing towards your work and you see a stray dog hurt on the street what will you do?
A.A: I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I usually pick up the dog, take him home or somehow try and get him to the animal shelter or doctor. Just make a little bit of time for the right things.

30. Keeping your answer in mind what would you want the government or even citizens to do for the stray dogs?
A.A: I would really like the government to start a neuter program, instead of poisoning, killing and shooting. What we really need to do is neuter them so that eventually over the years their population declines in a humane way, which is what India and Sri Lanka has been able to do so it’s embarrassing to know that Pakistan hasn’t been able to achieve that. I’m hoping that someday we can capture them, neuter them and release them back in the streets.

It was lovely talking to a celebrity so down to earth and well connected with the world we sure wish you best of luck for your future endeavors.