Featuring the group cast of Shaan Shahid, Uzma Hassan, Humaima Malik, Mohib Mirza, the film is approximately in view of Mahesh Bhatt’s unique of a similar name. Be that as it may, aside from a few motivations from the first, the stylization of the film is totally different and for a moment you just cannot believe that you are actually watching a Pakistani film.

Arth describes human condition, which incidentally additionally turns into the explanation behind every one of the characters meeting each other somehow.

Wandering through four lives, Ali – an overlooked performer, Uzma and Umar – a wedded couple and Umaima, a superstar who falls in love with Umar. So when Umaima makes Umar cheat on his wife, Uzma starts a companionship with artist Ali (played by Shaan himself).

The emphasis in the movie is more on Ali’s adventure and Uzma’s characters was actually something which made it to the expectations of the audience about the film.  Uzma, the performer, notwithstanding that, had the best execution of all in the film. But in a couple of overcompensated scenes, she figured out how to transcend the deplorably coordinated film and influence the watchers to think about her.

Shaan Shahid is a Hotshot!  Shaan with his most recent motion picture Arth having quite recently been released has set new records in the business. The star looks awesome and the film gloats of a melodic score that can without much of a stretch be named as truly outstanding for the year. The movie’s story is more about distinctive understanding of human connections, life and mind. The story is somehow realistic and relatable too at the same time. He has been in the business for many decades and bolstered it even when it was going down. Shaan, for one, has never surrendered expectation and keeps on endeavoring to keep the film business above water as much as he can. This film should be named as ‘Shaan’s Film’.

The legend of Pakistan silver screen has predicted that “amid different periods of the film, individuals will go gracious ‘Ohh man that is me or Ohh, I have same issues in my life, this is so relateable. It’s not a superhuman film; it’s a super enthusiastic film.” This passionate dependability with the gathering of people perhaps is the most evident one of a kind offering purpose of the motion picture. Things being what they are, what does Shaan anticipates from his fans? This appears to be another significant reason; he chose to respond to this call. The more secure choice could have been going for another Action film. Yet, with this film, Shaan treads another way for Pakistani silver screen.

Shaan figured out how to make a few minutes feel extremely trustworthy, with the assistance of some exceptionally skilled on-screen characters, for example, Uzma Hassan, who especially sparkles in this film, and Humaima Malik, who persuaded us to like her character, despite the fact that it showed up a little one-dragged.

Murshed Ji is my most favorite song as Shaan plays an artist in the film and the tune makes him perform on the stage. Shaan is without a doubt a genius and his screen nearness, particularly in Murshed Ji sets the phase on fit. He looks completely fit and a rockstar to flawlessness. The looks, the non-verbal communication and the climate, Shaan as a performing artist and as an executive have nailed each piece!

In any case, the film has some major flaws as well. The camera work is relatively insufferable There are a few jostling bounce cuts, indiscernible sound plan, absence of clearness in the story. Exactly when you think you see what’s occurring, he slices it to the following shot or uses a bounce cut, none of which add anything to the film with the exception of confusion. And after that, the greater part of the film utilizes close-ups, particularly the main half, making it difficult to comprehend the space the activity is going on in. It’s relatively similar to the unpleasant cut of the film has been discharged.

Be that as it may, the destiny of the film is probably not going to divert  Shaan of his voyage. He has chalked out an arrangement for himself. An arrangement to break new ground and kick begin the post restoration period of the Pakistani film industry. Arth appears to have off a momentous begun.