Contributed By: Mina Jahangir

Ladies, its’ about time we stopped denying that our loose and lanky lawn kurtas, regardless of whether they are from Sapphire or Khaadi, simply don’t make the cut for meeting rooms and board presentations.

If you’re a bold and confident lady boss with an innovative voice and a revolutionary agenda, why suffocate your voice in the folds of your dupatta?

You must admit that giving your curvaceous figure an elegantly polished and sharply structured finish will bring out your inner lady boss like never before. So, break free from the confines of your pillow-cover like lawn dresses, and instead of counting the motifs in their embroideries, take some serious measures to give your workwear attire a confident and bold appeal.

Here are some tricks that will help:

Basic Black Sheaths

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A basic black sheath dress is one of the cardinal essentials of workwear statements, and if you don’t own one, you’re obviously not channelling enough charm at work.

Sheath dresses are just what you need to give your figure a sharply structured finish, and exude sleek lady boss vibes with don’t-mess-with-me attitude. If you want to be the Victoria Beckham of your office building, honey, just start investing in sheath dresses and a big dial watch to balance out the magnetic suave.

Throw on a Blazer

Blazers can help you channel a smart and sassy boldness, which will make your slept-in denims and regular tees super presentable for work. These babies are highly essential for workwear, and we strongly implore you to hoard one in every colour. If you don’t want your work wardrobe to be boring, try to play up more patterns, prints and bright colours that give your overall outfit a wild burst of energy. Be sure never to enter a meeting room without cinching up your profile and accentuating your charm with a sharply tailored blazer.

Play Up your Button-downs

Button-downs have and will always be our go-to fashion staples, and if you’re style savvy, you can play them up to channel voguish chicness in your workwear attire. Instead limiting them to denim jeans, why not play them up with a wide array of bottom staples, such as maxi skirts, ankle pants, high-waisters, pencil skirts and lots more.
You can even sneak in some cold-shoulder tops and loud prints without breaking the cardinal rules of modesty essential for formal settings.

High-Waist Drama

High-waist pants are just what a girl needs to push in that gently protruding muffin top, and channel her inner lady boss with pride. The best thing about high-waist bottoms is the fact that they give one’s figure a very smartly structured appeal, which always works splendidly in the favour of apple-shaped women. They will accentuate your curves, shroud away your weak areas and bring out the best in your bust.

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