LAHORE – Stray cat chose to attack men and dogs while she let women and children walk by.

Neighbour Ali Aydin said the cat had babies recently which is why she may be protecting them.

Mr Aydin said: ‘This is not a wild cat, she’s used to people. She crosses here every day, taking food to her kittens, we leave the door open for her.

‘The cat is used to that spot. It’s not an aggressive cat but due to her kittens she is attacking. It’s a very good cat actually. Maybe somebody has hurt her.’

Beril Gencturk added: ‘I’ve seen several people kicking it. It usually attacks only males and dogs. Maybe it’s had some traumas.’

Another resident Ayse Yuksel said: ‘I have never seen it attacking a woman.’

LOL, this is the funniest thing we have come across all week!