This ‘National Disability Day’, debutante director Amar Khan, also the lead actress in ‘Chashm-e-Num’, will be bringing forth the story of a blind couple, honouring & going through the life of the disabled.

Starring Ahsan Khan & Amar Khan as the short-film leads, the performances will take us on a journey of love, societal pressures and norms, and a lot that we don’t know about the disabled.

The short-film has been produced by Ahsan Khan, who is known for his take on challenging roles ever since ‘Udaari’ became a super-hit drama series on national television.


Amar Khan is an independent film maker and also working on her first feature film here, after attending numerous screen-writing labs abroad and getting extensive training in theatre & film during school days.


Amar has also won accolades in prominent film festivals such as Lahore Children’s International Film Festival, Delhi Film Festival, Doha International Festival and the American Film Showcase.


With this debut short-film, she marks her Television screen debut as a director also, with a couple of dramas under her ‘acting’ belt.


We are anxiously waiting for ‘Chashm-e-Num’ and we are positive it is going to be worth the wait.