In this day and age of Information Technology where new startups mushroom every second and ‘rags to riches’ stories are as numerous as the beggars on the roads of Lahore in Ramazan, it is a breath of fresh air to come across such a self-made, self-effacing and genuinely humble artist like Ayesha Aslam Malik.

Starting an event management company right from scratch by a blue-blooded professional lawyer who has recently completed her LLB from UCL, is just like wishing to turn into an astronaut while cooking at Master Chef! It goes to Ayesha’s credit that she does a remarkable juggling act in balancing her professional career in law with something very close to her heart.

Ayesha’s trust and confidence in her own aesthetic abilities enabled her to take the risk and make a quantum leap to the world of marketing, catering and event decor. It shows the utmost strength in her character to be able to shape her ideas into hardcore realities of this mundane and competitive world. The growth from a mere idea from her college days in UCL where she was encouraged to arrange small and private functions for her circle of near and dear ones, to an up and coming event management company consisting of professional human resource as well as the assembly floor and space for all material furnishings, is a success story not only worth quoting but also emulating by the young entrepreneurs entering the job market.

Ayesha’s Event Management Company which goes by the brand name “Episode 21” has got a diverse and eclectic rapporteur of hoistings such as bridal showers, themed birthday parties, Qawali nights, special thematic events centered on topics like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Oscar Night, Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, anniversaries, baby showers or any idea that catches your fancy (from making Rapunzel hair with wool to taking risks of themes nor done before) at a reasonable budget not too heavy on your pocket.

What greater commitment to Ayesha’s professional ethics than the time when she met an accident and was indisposed for two months on a wheelchair but still worked day and night to the complete satisfaction of her clients! Instead of putting her down, this very incident inspired Ayesha to strive even harder and complete a whopping number of 32 projects in those testing times. Ever since she started in June 2016, Ayesha has a successful list of more than 300 events to her name and has reached a stage in her career where she is fully booked all year round; only made possible through client satisfaction and focus on phenomenal quality and customized designing of each and every challenge undertaken by her.

Episode 21’s underlying philosophy is reflected in their motto:

“Being good to your clients really means giving them the best you have according to their budget and their wishes.”

With this work ethic, there is no doubt that Ayesha Malik and Episode 21 is going places! You can keep tabs on this enterprising young lady’s professional whereabouts here: