LAHORE – Rizla Rehan, the internet sensation who had gone viral after she was spotted in the crowd by many cricket fans during Asia Cup 2018, is more than just a pretty face with luck. She is actually full of great insights!

Rizla is originally from Karachi but has been living in Dubai for some time now.

We caught up with her for a quick chat.

DP: Rizla, You have become an internet sensation overnight, how does it feel to be known?

R: It was completely unexpected and I am humbled from all the support I have reached. It is a great feeling and I look forward to using this platform to continue to help those in need.

DP: Parents are generally more protective of daughters, how did your family react to this fame?

R: I have had amazing support from my entire family – everyone has helped in their own way. They were all very happy for me and all told me to embrace it.

DP: Social media can be both a blessing and brutal, are your fans kind towards you?

R: Without a doubt I have to say my fans generally have always been kind to me and even when I meet people in person they are incredibly respectful. I have to say my followers have been a blessing.

DP: Tell us a little about your obsession with cricket.

R: I find cricket as a very entertaining hobby, particularly when watching games live, especially when watching Pakistan play. Living in Dubai it has made following and supporting the team very easy for me. I think sport in general has the ability to unite people both nationally as well as internationally and it really does bring people together.

DP: Rizla you aren’t just a pretty face and cricket fan, you are a philanthropist. Tell us about the social work you have done,

R: Thank you for the kind words. I run a small charity in Pakistan – educating underprivileged children, as well as this I have adopted a few girls and take care of them, for me it feels like they give me more than I could ever give to them Allahamdolilah. Apart from this I also support other charities such as Deaf reach and the Special Olympics team in Pakistan.

DP: You are an advocate of women empowerment, any message you want to give to girls out there?

R: Follow your dreams – education is very important so please take advantage of the opportunities’ you have and believe in yourself. The sky is the limit.