Have Ranveer and Deepika called it off?

  • The two had a heated argument at a dinner date earlier followed by Ranveer's tweets after the launch of Padmavati's 3D trailer.

NEW DELHI – Over the course of their five year long relationship, Deepika and Ranveer have been a celebrity power couple in Bollywood. However recently, the rumors of the two falling apart and breaking up have been circulating the media.

Only recently, the two were witnessed going to a high end restaurant on a dinner date with the two having a heated argument while being there. But it was after Padmvati’s 3D launch (That Deepika attended alone without informaing her co-stars) that Ranveer tweeted a very cryptic message. One can only think it was directed towards Deepika given the recent course of events.

So, what is their relationship status now? Let us wait and see.