KARACHI – Saba Qamar is one of the leading Pakistani TV stars and she has been part of many popular drama serials over the past few years. But it seems like we will not be seeing Saba Qamar and Gohar Rasheed unite on screen this time.

As, both the stars were to be seen in an upcoming drama Badshah Begum but Saba Qamar had taken her to leave from the show.

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Speaking on a radio show on FM99, producer Rashid Rashdi pointed out that it was “a mutual decision.” “Saba is a very refined actor. I was going to work with her on the project Badshah Begum but she didn’t get on board.

He further said that “I respect her decision on that and I wish her the best for whichever project she takes on. *Badshah Begum is a project very close to me, probably as close as Saba’s next project is to her, so we decided to part ways”.

The producer further disclosed Saba Qamar’s replacement saying: “We’re looking at Iman Ali for the drama”.

However, Rashdi had also said that Iman isn’t confirmed to sign on to the project. “We were earlier in talks for casting Saba Qamar but have decided to move on with official replacements and are in talks with Iman Ali to play Badshah Begum. All of this depends on timelines and production dates.

Iman Ali had also done many versatile roles in the past and her role as Anarkali in Tapal’s Supreme Love is still one of our favorites. Here is the video of the love song: