DUBAI – Recently we witnessed the veteran Pakistani actor Meera jee lashing out at Mahira Khan. Meera claimed that ‘there are other beautiful actors and actresses in Pakistan who are doing great work; better work than Mahira’ and that one should ‘stop promoting Mahira’.

But what we are seeing now has got us all confused. Circulating the social media, there are videos of Meera standing right next to Mahira Khan at the Masala Awards 2017 in Dubai, very happily posing for pictures!.

Besides Meera and Mahira, Pakistani actors Mawra Hocane and Saba Qamar are also seen posing beside the legendary Sri Devi along with Indian designer Manish Malhotra.

So what is going on? Has Meera let bygones be bygones, or was this all smiles just for the camera?

Meera lashes out at Mahira Khan, again!