Fake News

In an era where news spreads like wildfire and celebrities stay forever in the limelight becoming easy targets of fake news, it is safe to say that one must take a keen interest in studying the other side of the coin.

A recent case of a fabricated report was spotted on the internet involving none other than Pakistan’s ultimate sweetheart, Mahira Khan.

Apparently, some news agencies released some statements in her name that were clearly not made by her!

Allegedly, the news cashed in on the old-feud between Meera and Mahira.

The false statement reported that the Raees star had shared her opinions against the Lollywood veteran.

Khan was obviously pretty furious over the fake news report and was not quick to shy away from slamming the media publicly!

As a result of this situation, the news report was instantly taken off and one of the publications concerned responsibly dealt with the matter!

While Meera has time and again been giving some mixed statements against our Queen Khan, the humble Humsafar haseena has always chosen to keep mum on the matter.

About a week ago, singer Bilal Khan also took to social media to slam news channels and publications that declared him DEAD in their reports!

Is fake news being reported and released without any proper validation or authentication becoming common practice? We, as news publications, must make sure to take appropriate measures to break the loop of this vicious cycle.