Mango Store launch at Packages Mall Lahore

  • The international fashion brand launched its store at Packges Mall Lahore on 28th October, 2017.

LAHORE – Mango is an international fashion brand that innovates and experiments with women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories – thus bringing a new life into the world of vogue. According to them it’s “an alliance between a quality product of unique design and a brand image which is both coherent and unified.”

The recent launch of the 3rd Mango Store in Lahore was helmed by Bilal Mukhtar Events & PR this weekend. The event was a star studded show with fashion presentation and DJ performance.

Here is a look at the glamorous affair.

Danish and Shakira.

Zerrin and Gurray.

Andre de Bussy.

Ehtiisham Ansari.

Bilal Mukhtar.

Sabina, Sabahat, Ovais & Fatima.

Azfar Rehman.

Abdullah Haris.

Alyzeh Gabol.

Abdullah Ejaz.