Miss Veet Pakistan ended on the 21st of January 2017 with a huge grand finale in Mohatta Palace Karachi. Zainab Raja was crowned the title in a star studded evening of celebration.


The season stretched over 14 episodes with the top 12 contestants  Most of them were shot in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka where all competitions were held.

I have to admit as cliché as it sounds I would spend my Sunday evenings streaming the episodes on YouTube and stuffing my face with food. Ever since I was 12, I had been watching America’s Next Top Model on Channel V and MTV music. The thrill of watching Tyra Banks judge and deliberate eliminations of the aspiring models was prepossessing and my sisters and I would stay glued to the TV on most Saturdays. But everything has its boom and bust and eventually the charm of it faded.

When Miss Veet was introduced as a show I was expecting to see a replication of the international ANTM but it proved to be much calmer and a delight to watch. One thing that awed me was that the show did not demarcate unrealistic expectations for the aspirants. It also challenged them on levels other than maintaining a caked face (and this is what most other shows of the sort do).


The best part has to be that it did not show tacky drama and unnecessary discord just to get ratings. The transition was smooth and sultry and yet managed to grasp the attention of girls countrywide.

At the end, it seemed like the participants had more of a kindred or family spirit rather than a cut-throat competitive one and that was a possibility not anticipated but joyous to observe.

The show is already prepping up for its 2017 auditions and we cannot wait to see more Pakistani girls step up to groom themselves and be the dazzle and delight of millions of others across the nation.