KPK: So basically, dope-testing has always been a global issue, especially when its on matters of performance, especially sports.

If you fail a dope test ANYWHERE in the corporate world, you are disqualified or immediately removed from your seat. A lawyer hailing from KPK actually tried to do something about this possibility, and we cannot say that we don’t like the idea. 

We are just IMAGINING the number of politicians who are going to be ‘EXPOSED’ through this testing! Giggles.

According to a report published in a leading English daily, Advocate Saifullah Muhib Kakakhel pushed for dope testing of all parliamentarians in the KPK Assembly.

According to this particular lawyer, a significant number of parliamentarians like to get ‘HIGH’ every now and then!

We wonder if it’s true?!

The petition requested the Election Commission to conduct these tests and submit the results as part of nomination papers for 2018 elections.

Articles 62, 63 discuss the moral ‘DONTS’ for MNAs and MPAs in great detail.