Pakistan actresses, Veena Malik and Noor Bukhari, have recently been making headlines with news regarding their divorce for a while now. While Veena achieved her highly due spotlight just a while later with husband Asad Khattak and herself lending vocals to a Pakistan Day Tribute Song, Noor seems to be going viral while seen grooving to tunes of ‘The Break Up Song,’ from Karan Johar’s 2016 superhit Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

In the video, the Ishq Positive’ actress can be seen raw and uncut minutes before her shoot, dealing with her former divorce quite well! We’re guessing the real fact of the matter, which seems to be that Noor is very happy indeed to start this new phase of her life.

While she is satisfied with the decision of her divorce, there’s still no confirmation from Wali’s side, with him adamantly refusing to accept the divorce plea for a while.

Cheers to Noor’s happiness. Have a look!