Bollywood, you have some competition!

We think that the Pakistani entertainment industry is in its revival phase and is doing PRETTY well for starters. Here are some of the songs we loved hearing in 2016, and hope for even better ones in 2017. Take a look:

Bachaana by Benny Dayal (Bachaana):

Befikriyan By Aima Baig (Lahore Se Agay):

Tutya Taara By Adnan Dhool (Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay):

Dil Yeh Dancer Hogaya by Atif Aslam (Actor in Law):

Janaan by Armaan Malik (Janaan):

Lar Gaiyan (Zarish Hafeez and Shiraz Uppal) (Dobara Phir Se):

Support your artists, support your singers and your actors! The only way to revive our cinema would be to come out in support of our artists and their work, which is brilliant by the way.

Good luck to the Pakistani entertainment industry for the future, we are all excited for 2017!

Add any songs that you think we may have missed out on.