The Pakistani Academy Selection Committee has invited all the local filmmakers to submit their nominations for the impending Oscars, and the movie is due to be selected in the ‘Foreign Language Film Award’ Category at the 90th Academy Awards, according to sources.

Some great topics with strong cast and characters have started to flow in, & it will be the fourth consecutive year in which Pakistan will submit its nomination.

Previously, ‘Zinda Bhag’ was nominated in Oscars in 2013, while ‘Dukhtar’ was submitted in 2014.

‘Moor’ was nominated in 2015, and ‘Mah e Mir’ was selected in 2016. 

Pakistan’s committee will be closing the submissions on 20th August, at 5 pm sharp. The nominations will be finalized and announced in September, when they will be going to the Academy for reviewing.

Wishing Pakistan the best of luck! Let’s bring a Golden Lady home, shall we?!