LAHORE (Dunya News) – Controversial social media sensation Qandeel Baloch on Wednesday made another failed attempt to meet PTI chief Imran Khan at his residence Zaman Park Lahore.

According to media reports, Baloch reached Khan’s Zaman Park residence early in the morning to meet the PTI chief but she was again not allowed to meet Imran Khan. Although she was given some hope by certain individuals who happened to be around her during her ordeal, other suggested her to forget about her bad experiences and to move on.

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Qandeel even got angry at one point on the reporters who were fulfilling their professional responsibilities. She waited outside Imran Khan’s house and hoped to get a chance to meet Khan in person; however the intense heat forced her to surrender and she finally decided to leave.

Resident of Karachi, Qandeel Baloch has yet not left Lahore for the past few days as she makes attempts on daily basis to meet the PTI chief but her wish has yet not been fulfilled.