ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Following the sensational revelation of Reham Khan that her marriage with Imran Khan was not registered in Pakistan or United Kingdom, The Nation has claimed the TV anchor tried to get their marriage registered in Islamabad just a week before announcement of divorce on October 30.

The news report said that authorities refused to register her marriage with PTI head Imran Khan for not having original wedding papers -commonly known as Nikahnama- and CNIC of her husband.

It stated that Reham visited NADRA outlet in federal metropolitan city and requested registration of her marriage with Imran Khanbut she lacked several documents required to complete the process.

Earlier Reham Khanhad revealed that her marriage with Imran Khan was not registered anywhere in Pakistan or Britain, in “Why Imran Divorced Me” interview with The Sunday Times.

She further added that she thought Imran Khan was in love with her but it was not true and she was left defenseless against the media criticism.

“Imran Khan did not give me my marriage ring or bangles even,” Reham has been quoted saying.

No body from Imran Khan’s political party, PTI, or his family took charge to explain my position in that situation, she complained.

Instead I was told to ignore the smear campaign by Pakistani media while Imran Khan thought all this will automatically come to an end, she added.

When asked about her relationship with Imran’s family, Reham told her husband’s sisters had categorically stated that they are against our marriage. They said I was not enough good to be their brother’s wife and they never welcomed me as his wife even after marriage, she explained.

Meanwhile my own brother was also not happy at my marriage with Imran Khan and I had to convince him for this, she said.

Commenting about her willingness to take over Imran Khan’s political party, the TV anchor said party’s senior leadership had told Imran Khan that they were uneasy in working with me. She further added that one of close aides of Imran Khan even said that he only wanted me to cook in the kitchen.

Dismissing the rumors of hitting her husband and not allowing his pet dogs in bedroom, Reham Khan said that her relationship with Imran Khan was much troubled in the last month of marriage at which they decided to part their ways finally.

Referring to her ‘black magic’ tweets, Reham said that I had found some suspicious papers of magical spells from Bani Gala residence. She however avoided telling further details about the person behind this.

I will be back in Pakistan very soon and resume my job as TV journalist, she said in answer to a question about her future plan.

Imran Khan, 62, married Reham Khan, 41, in January this year, after weeks long denial to claims of senior journalist Arif Nizami that said the couple was set to marry.

The couple formally tied knot in Islamabad and celebrated their valima at Khan’s residence in Bani Gala after months of speculation about secret marriage.

Reham, divorced mother-of-three, earlier lived in Britain and was associated with BBC as a weather host.

Imran Khan married to Jemima Goldsmith in May 1995. Jemima was a British writer and activist. They have two sons, Sulaiman Isa Khan and Qasim Khan. The marriage ended in divorce in 2004.