Seems like Veena Malik’s recent divorce debacle finally played out well for her and got her back on her feet in the entertainment industry. With her Pakistan Day Tribute Song featuring husband Asad Khattak, this diva has been making smashing headlines and news again.

Malik has always been known for her forte in mimicry, being just the right kind of perfect at impersonating politicians and celebrities in the country. She recently appeared on her new comedy show Dil Pe Mat Lay Yaar on the TV channel, ‘Pak’ News doing a parody of Pakistan’s much loved (or not) anchor and journalist, Reham Khan.

It goes to say without any shadow of doubt that Malik is definitely good at what she does best; Reham Khan’s parody is full of witty puns that are right on spot and will certainly leave you rolling in fits of laughter.

Veena is undeniably back to showbiz, right on the front page where she truly belongs. She has also released a teaser for her upcoming song called, ‘Dushman-e-Watan,’ which shows the model/actress/singer in traditional Pakistani attire quite differently than her old ‘tacky’ and ‘lewd’ item number days.

We sincerely hope this change is for the better! Do you?