Saba Qamar’s Bollywood debut Hindi Medium opposite Irrfan Khan is hitting just the right chords, as we expected! With crowds flocking to their nearest cinemas to see the duo’s stellar performance on the big screen, we can easily say that the movie is getting a positive response from the masses.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, this is what we heard Saba Qamar proudly stating!

I was never desperate to work in Bollywood though I aspired to do a movie across the border but only if I was offered a strong character and a main lead. My plays are widely watched in India and are equally popular. Irrfan had also watched my serial on YouTube and he recommended me to the director.”

At first when I received a call from Irrfan’s manager, I thought it was a prank call but later the casting director called and offered me the role. The director wanted someone to portray a role like Kareena Kapoor Khan did in Jab We Met. So, I had faith in the entire team that they will make something good.”

Ever since I have had a Bollywood stamp, all the top brands are chasing me for endorsements. Where were all the brands before I went to India. No one has ever approached me in the last thirteen years that I have been working.”

Even Hindustan Times and Pinkvilla have compared me to Mahira Khan and given a verdict that my performance is far better than hers in Raees,” the actress added.

It definitely seems like after all that Saba has been through, she has finally made her mark in the film industry and proven her unrecognized mettle.

Not only that but she has been considered a far better actress than the leading lady Mahira Khan and we are sure that such credentials are keeping her in high spirits!

Who do you think is better? Saba Qamar or Mahira Khan!